What is video encryption & how does iShieldProtect® help the education industry?

Video encryption is a revolutionized way to protect confidential data from being seen or used by unauthorized sources. For example, if you have produced a video, you want others to view it.

But if you are providing any premium data or information, it would be essential for you to maintain a little privacy so that the information will remain under control.

Data breaching, unauthorized sharing, and data theft have become standard practices. Unfortunately, these are the risks for almost every business providing premium services or content.

The risk is even more with institutions dealing with high-quality educational services. These institutions provide premium content to their enrolled students. Though they also suffer from data theft and unauthorized sharing of educational content.

Therefore, it is essential to protect your content using a robust video encryption system and keep your business’s valuable resources safe.

This blog will briefly discuss the meaning, importance, and function of a video encryption system. Moreover, we will also discuss the problems about not having a dedicated content security system. So, let’s get started.

What is Video Encryption?

Video encryption is a technique for digitally hiding confidential video content to prevent unauthorized interception and sharing. The process includes encrypting videos using encoding software and hardware to safeguard the content.

No one can see the encrypted videos without first decrypting them using some digital keys generated by the video encryption system. Therefore, the most critical aspect of the encryption system is that it should utilize a secure algorithm.

Otherwise, there would be no use in investing a big pile of money in the video encryption system.

For instance, some OTT or other online video providers use low-quality encryption software that can easily be decoded using cheap ways.

Surprisingly, unauthorized use or sharing of video content is illegal in some countries, including the U.S., though some people still practice watching paid content for free. That’s why it is necessary to invest in high-quality, secure video encryption technology.

Why do we need to encrypt videos?

One needs to encrypt videos mainly for two reasons;

  • Personal
  • Digital Rights Management (DRM)

Personal Encryption

Personal encryption is all about using software to encrypt videos for personal reasons for personal privacy.

For example, you can list your close ones with whom you want to share a video on social media platforms like Facebook & Instagram. Nobody else except people on the list would see the video.

That’s how personal encryption works – restricting unauthorized access to your content.

Digital Rights Management

It is a more professional way of encrypting a video utilizing an encryption standard. The encrypted video is kept in a stored server that cannot be enabled by anyone other than the person having the decryption key or authorized login credentials.

The video is shared on the user’s computer using a secure socket connection. A user can then play and watch the video using a video player that decodes the video in real-time. The video player stops the user from keeping the video in the offline storage media.

Once the user has completed the video, the secure connection is halted. However, if any user somehow manages to download the streaming video, the encryption will not work on commonly available video players.

In the case of DRM, people are restricted either temporarily or permanently without human interaction.

iShieldProtect® – One Stop Encryption Solution

iShieldProtect is the perfect solution for all those individuals or institutions providing video content. iShieldProtect® manages all your requirements concerning digital security in a single platform without any hectic process or hassle.

In addition, iShieldProtect® does not throw scheming claims to show why it is the best. Instead, iShieldProtect® has proved to be the best video encryption system for digital data security through several safety and security solutions.

Why use iShieldProtect® for Video Encryption?

Some of the central factors by which we think iShieldProtect® is the best platform for the security of your video content:

iShieldProtect® delivers binate encryption for your content. The first encryption is basic encryption for your content.

And the second is for binding the range with one specific device associated with the content, be it on any platform. Some examples could be Android, IOS, Windows, MAC, etc.

It fortifies and confirms that the encryption is not restricted to specific devices. Moreover, it also avoids violating the rules and limiting the content to a specific audience.

After reviewing its various reviews, we have pointed out four features that can convince you why iShieldProtect® is the best.

  • It is developed specifically for the educational industry.
  • It delivers Advanced Bulletproof Security.
  • It provides a single solution for all your needs.
  • It has a user-friendly player.

Nonetheless, there are multiple content security solutions that iShieldProtect® provides, ranging in all areas such as the education sector, online learning, live-streaming, business security, etc.

The Final Verdict – iShieldProtect®

Ultimately, encrypting video content is highly important and doing it with the help of the right tools and software is equally essential. Therefore, iShieldProtect® could be your best bet for a video encryption system.

It delivers high-end content encryption and robust course security for a better and safer user experience. In addition, the platform is so light that it can smoothly run an HD video, even on a 3G network.

Finally, to sum up all the merits of the iShieldProtect® app, briefly in a few words, iShieldProtect® majorly emphasizes the security of your digital information, whether it is for online education and business professionals or simply personal cyber security. All these advantages make iShieldProtect® the best video encryption system.

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