What is End to End Encryption Software? How iShieldProtect® help the education industry in end-to-end encryption?

With end-to-end encryption (E2EE), all of your data is encrypted (kept secret) until it reaches its destination. End-to-end encryption protects your data from being seen by any third parties in the middle, whether you are using it for texting, email, file storage, or anything else.

For instance, if you and the person you are conversing with are using chat software that supports end-to-end encryption, no one except the two of you will be able to read the messages exchanged. In this case, not even the corporation that owns the chat software can see what you and your friends are communicating.

How does End-to-End Encryption Work?

Let’s consider an example of Facebook messenger. All communications sent via Facebook Messenger are encrypted both before and after they leave your device. Facebook encrypts the communication log while it is still on its servers to protect the privacy of its users. Of course, Facebook has the key. Facebook has access to your private chats.

The answer is end-to-end encryption. The provider in the intermediary, in this case, Google or Facebook, will not be able to read your communications if you use end-to-end encryption. They do not have access to your protected information in any way. You and the other person in your conversation possess the key to unlocking that information.

What sort of protection does it provide?

Majorly, End-to-End Encryption Software protects against two dangers: 

  1. Since only the sender and the receiver have the keys to decrypt the message, only the sender and the recipient can read it while it is in transit using E2EE, which prevents prying eyes. It’s possible that an intermediate server involved in the transmission will be able to see the message, but it won’t be readable to anybody else.
  2. When it comes to encrypted communications, E2EE provides additional security by preventing their content from being altered in transit. Attempts to modify a message encrypted in this manner would be immediately noticeable since they are impossible to foresee.

What service provider uses End-to-End Encryption Software?

Pretty Good Privacy, the first popular End to end messaging software, encrypted email, stored files, and allowed users to digitally sign documents. Apple’s iMessage, Jabber, and Signal Protocol are just a few examples of the many texting apps that employ end-to-end encryption (formerly TextSecure Protocol). Point-of-sale (POS) service providers like Square use E2EE protocols to stay PCI compliant, too.

Also, popular messaging platforms such as Facebook and WhatsApp use End-to-end Encryption to protect the privacy of their users. 

How iShieldProtect® helps the education industry in End to End Encryption of content?

End-to-End Encryption

With iShieldProtect®, institute can fully secure their premium content that can be in any form like audio, video, lectures, pdf files, test papers and have players for all platforms Windows, Android, Mac, and iOS to access their protected materials via online or offline (with sd cards or pendrives). iShieldProtect® end to end video encryption software is purposefully built to fulfil education industry need which take cares of – 

  1. Video encryption software
  2. Test Paper encryption software.
  3. Secure live streaming software.
  4. Prevent screen recording of content in any way.
  5. Pull dynamic watermark on screen to protect piracy.
  6. Advanced adaptive bit rate player.
  7. Only Single device access for content consumption.
  8. Custom dashboard for students.
  9. Video quality selector as per internet strength like YouTube has.
  10. Control HDMI & VGA projections.
  11. Remote Disabling of courses for offline distribution of study material.
  12. Distribute Test Paper with full security, no one can download.
  13. Student Ranking update.
  14. White labelled application.
  15. Full HD Player.
  16. Supports all content type.
  17. Supports all platforms.

The Advantages of End-to-End Encryption

End-to-end encryption’s major benefit is the privacy it affords your data by including the following features:

Safety while transiting: – Private encryption keys are kept locally on the endpoint devices that perform end-to-end encryption using public key cryptography. These keys are required in order to decrypt messages, making them readable only by those who have physical access to the endpoint devices.

Tamper-proof: – End-to-end encryption eliminates the need to provide the receiver a separate decryption key since they already own it. Using a public key to encrypt a message makes it impossible for the receiver to read the message if it is compromised during transmission.

Compliance: – Encryption-level data security is mandated by regulatory compliance regulations for several sectors. Using end-to-end encryption software, businesses can ensure that their data is secure by rendering it unreadable to outside parties at any point in transit.

Final Thoughts

Companies lose an average of $3.86 million annually due to data breaches, a figure that seems to be steadily rising, especially in vital sectors of infrastructure. It is evident that end-to-end encryption is a beneficial security investment for the businesses that choose it and the customers who benefit from it, despite the fact that its implementation has been the subject of considerable debate and worries.

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