What are the benefits of using Video Encryption Software?

iShieldProtect® Video Encryption Software

Whenever you upload video content online, you want it to get viewed. However, what if your content is a premium course like some lecture or a training course? In this case, would you not want unauthorized access and viewing of your content? So, to safeguard your content and avoid security breaches, you can use video encryption techniques. Also, we have the iShieldProtect® video encryption software that can accommodate your needs.

Now, let us discuss why video encrypted software is beneficial and how this technique works. We will start with building an understanding of video encryption.

What does Video Encryption mean?

Video encryption is a method used to safeguard or hide your content from unwanted viewing or unauthorised interception. In this technique, the video content is protected using software and hardware for encoding. With this safety measure, if someone tries to view your content, they must first go through the encoding and decode it to reach the video. 

The most important thing about video encryption is using a secure algorithm. Also, you must invest properly in video encryption software like iShieldProtect® video encryption software to have the best security.

Benefits of Video Encrypted Software:

We understand how important privacy is for you and the content you upload. So, iShieldProtect® video encryption software aims to provide both personal security to the content and digital rights management. However, we need to understand the benefits of using video encrypted software.

  1. Video encryption software like iShieldProtect® is much easier to use and provides hassle-free encryption.
  1. Softwares that provide video encryption are a cheaper alternative to safeguard video content. 
  1. If you use video encryption software like iShieldProtect®, you can avoid security breaches even if you lose an external device carrying your encrypted video content. iShieldProtect® video encryption software protects your content to the very end, and the person must decode the complex encoding to get to your data.
  1. Video encrypted software is best to work with remote workers as the software is available everywhere, and remote workers can also encrypt the video contents. 
  1. Some encryption software is trusted by the consumers as well. So, by using that software then, you can gain consumer trust as well. 

What is special about iShieldProtect® video encryption software?

When we say that we are concerned about your privacy, we prove it to you. The following are some key features that iShieldProtect® video encryption software provides.

● We do not allow any screenshots or screen recordings of your content. iShieldProtect® video encryption software has a very strict encode to block such activities.

● We restrict the number of times that content can be viewed. It enables multiple users to stop watching the content from the same login credentials or device. This also prevents unauthorized distribution of your content.

● Under no circumstances does iShieldProtect® video encryption software allows a user to download the content you upload. This way, there is no saved content with the user after the premium duration expires.

● To avoid plagiarism and data copying, there is a dynamic watermark on your content by iShieldProtect® video encryption software. This is a way to safeguard your content and branding. It also helps in spreading brand awareness.

● iShieldProtect® video encryption software fetches a unique key to identify the user. This eliminates the chances of multiple device login. Specific parameters and system settings are done for iShieldProtect® video encryption software.

In this way, iShieldProtect® video encryption software helps secure your video content, and we have attractive plans for you as well. So, whoever said that video encryption is a costly service, didn’t know where to invest.

Let’s Sum Up!

In a nutshell, if you don’t secure your data digitally, there is no way you can monetize it. Especially if you have premium training content or original work-related videos, they must be secured. Encoding for encryption can be done manually, but it is a much lengthy and technical process. Instead, if you use software like iShieldProtect® video encryption software, you can get them done easily and get personalized reports about encryption and your data security. 

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