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End to End Video Encryption Software & DRM Software

As piracy and hacking continue to increase each year, content owner should be concerned with securing their content. No Worry we are here to preserve your videos from unethical downloads and sharing

through our unbeatable video encryption software.

Video Encryption Software for Educators?

Video encryption is a process to secure the content and videos from unauthorized users and other prying eyes. Our video encryption software helps you to seal your video content & other files and images. By encryption, a plaintext is converted into ciphertext using a cryptographic key. That no one can BREAK.

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Features of iShieldProtect® - Video Encryption Software

Online Video Encryption

Screen record prevention

Screen Recorder Prevention​

OS based future proof security to black out the screen during recording/screenshot of videos from current and future screen recorder apps up to 95%.

Multiple devices log in​

Multiple devices log in will be restricted, the iShieldProtect® software works on specific parameters and fetches system settings. It then creates a unique key for identification.


Restrict Content Download​

No one can download your premium educational video content through any plugins or software's. We keep it safe.

Dynamic Watermark

Dynamic watermark comes on the screen to restrict plagiarism, keep your brand Consistency & asset Protection.

live streaming

Secure Live Streaming​

With Secure online streaming support built into our App, you can enjoy all the security of download & Play model while streaming the content online as well.

Offline Video Encryption


Pendrive Encryption

Through Pendrive encryption and SD card encryption content can’t be shared with anyone else.​

One Device​

Through Pendrive encryption and SD card encryption content can’t be shared with anyone else.​​​

content lifecycle

Content Lifecycle​

Remotely we can control data validity, which means how long content can be used.​

Restrict HDMI ​​

Remotely we can control data validity, which means how long content can be used.​

playback control

Playback Control​

Limits the numbers of times, a students can play/open contents of a course .

Advance Player Features

adaptive bit rate streaming

Adaptive Bit Rate Streaming

The internet remains the same, and this player adjusts to the connection's speed.

quality selector

Quality Selection

Choose the video quality that best suits your needs or your internet connection speed.

HD Player

Full HD Player

You can watch videos and other media on a high-definition video player.

advance player control

Advance Player Control

Play at different speed for revisions, fast forward, seek and other controls.

How to get started with iShieldProtect® - Video Encryption Software?

This process of protecting online & offline content from piracy can be complicated but with the help of iShieldProtect®, it is easier. Let me explain to how:

1- Take a full explanation of our product from one of our experts over zoom & a demo account to try and test the things at your end. After satisfaction & getting the answer to all your questions, get started with our product.

2- Now purchase the product or start your free trial & get access to the end-to-end video encryption software. Next, download and install its components in your system.

3- Encrypt any form of content (like video lectures, test papers, ebooks etc.) with the help of iShieldProtect® Encryptor on your local system.

4- After encryption, the encrypted content is ready for sharing with enrolled students-
a)- Online (Cloud, Google Drive )
b)- Offline (Pendrive or Sd Cards)
Original raw content never leaves your system, educators upload or share encrypted content only, this is end-to-end encryption.

5- Share encrypted content along with an app (an EXE. file for windows, an APK file for Android or downloaded App from the Apple store) to enrolled students. 

6- Now, students have encrypted content and the player but they can’t play it as the player asks for a license key which is generated and provided by you and works on a single system. The license key also contains expiry timelines of content.  

7- Now, students can access the content either online or offline. 
Online(Need to upload content to AWS or any other cloud server) Access- They must log in through their email id & put in the license key. Content is streamed online or students can choose to download videos. 

Offline Access– Encrypted Content is available in the system. The Player asks for the license key and then the content is played locally.
In both cases, the course will stop working after the expiry date.

Keep sharing your premium content online or offline without worrying about revenue leaks and piracy with complete peace of mind. 

How to get started with iShieldProtect®?

What can be possible threats to your video data?

It is extremely important to encrypt videos for maintaining the confidentiality of business information. If the videos do not stay secure there can be unauthorized viewing of the videos as well as data thefts and breaches. 

So, the videos are encoded into standard encryption through which they stay secure. There are other threats and piracy. 

The online attackers use copyright videos without permission and this is also considered illegal violence. The pirates cannot decode the video until they have a piece of specific knowledge for the same. iShieldProtect® is the world’s 1st full content-encryption & security product. We provide online and offline (SD card and Pen drive) video encryption. iShieldProtect® will help in streaming video content that is fully encrypted to avoid unauthorized access to pirates during transit.

Benefits of Using Video Encryption Software

Because it is entirely automated, there is no need for a specialized workforce for monotonous work.
You may download the video and play it offline. For watching the video, an Internet connection is not required.
You may control how long a user may listen to each topic. You may also block anyone at any moment.
A mobile-friendly mock test facility is available with an advanced Website CMS Panel.
Your viewers’ eyes may be stolen by our videos. On-site testimony, animations, and vox pops are all examples of how we create.
You may see the IP and the duration of play for every video, both at the same time.
Any time, you may obtain real-time tabular playback records. You must hit the Export button once to export it into Excel, PDF, Word, and Print.

Who Can Make Use of Video Encryption Technology?

This technology may be used by professors and lecturers in educational institutions, as well as institutes and colleges themselves.

Video encryption technology may be used by instructors, trainers, gurus, and businesspeople to spread their message to a targeted audience of authorized people. To offer a better experience for your users, you may sell your video files on USB Pen drives, DVDs, and even Cloud.

Educational Institutions – Video of the classroom may be recorded in real-time by professors, instructors, and lecturers. Students may receive these lecture videos on a USB drive, DVD, or via the internet, where they will be encrypted and protected.

Training Institutes – In the interests of the institutes and students, instructors and trainers may record videos and sell pre-recorded sessions to students. These pre-recorded sessions are encrypted, making them unavailable to anybody but the rightful owner.

Event Promotions – The creative geniuses here can create the ideal platform for your business to demonstrate its services and goods and information to your consumers, from roadshows to internet advertising.

Specialists – Say, for example, your agent has some information that may be useful and needs to communicate it to the boss but can’t contact the boss. If this is the case, he may transmit the encrypted video communication to ensure no one other than him sees it.

News or Advertising Agency – The most essential quality in the field of news and advertising is to provide the information first. The News or Advertising Agency must use video encryption software since all competing agencies want to be the first to break the story.

Why video encryption software is necessary?

There are many reasons why encryption is necessary. Some of them are – 

Privacy – video encryption software online ensures that confidentiality is maintained by sending the data to the right recipient. The data is safe and not leaked and read by different ad networks or other service providers.

Data integrity – Data integrity is one of the essential aspects to keep in mind. It avoids cyber attacks that can take place due to any unauthorized user. 

Regulations – The user provides us the data through belief, and it is always expected that the data submitted is encrypted and feels safe space. So, many government policies and other industries have regulations to keep user data encrypted. 

These were some of the important reasons out of many for video encryption software. Also, proper monetization of content is crucial. Many features need monetization, such as for seamless process between brands that shows ad and the content owners for making payment and avoid interruption of any third party. 

Other security, like data breaches, can also be prevented by video encryption software. They allow sensitive data to remain safe and only between two communicating parties.

Implementing digital rights management (DRM) safely requires video stream encryption which content owners need for several reasons. For example, people from different parts of the world may have specific regulations regarding viewing a limited type of content.

So end to end video encryption software is essential for user safety and many other reasons. And the video encryption software should be of a high-quality algorithm. Otherwise, video encryption will not be helpful if higher security is not followed. And the video can be downloaded from any other method easily. The content-encryption and security services are provided by iShieldProtect®, which is the only full solution available in the market for online and offline Video Encryption……

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Video encryption software is a tool that allows you to secure video files by converting them into an encrypted format that can only be accessed by authorized users with the right decryption key. It helps protect the confidentiality and integrity of video content and prevents unauthorised access or viewing.

Video encryption software typically uses algorithms to transform video files into an encrypted format that is unreadable without the correct decryption key. The encryption process converts the video file into ciphertext, which is then decrypted back into its original format using the decryption key when accessed by authorized users.

Video encryption software is important for protecting sensitive video content, such as confidential business information, personal data, or intellectual property. It helps prevent unauthorized access, viewing, or sharing of video files, ensuring that only authorized users with the correct decryption key can access the content.

Yes, iShieldProtect® provides cutting-edge solutions to any company that works in the online world. This firm protects online streaming from becoming stolen by encrypting your video.

Our exceptional services can absolutely secure your educational or entertainment videos. This makes sure that stolen videos remain secure by ensuring that they are always encrypted. It’s important to keep all enterprises safe from harm in order for them to be useful.

To avoid its media material from being stolen, an online education firm may utilize a password. Online video encryption software is beneficial to them since it boosts their company. Keeping the video streaming secure and intact is beneficial to them.

Some benefits of using video encryption software include:


Enhanced security: Video encryption software provides an additional layer of security by encrypting video files, making them unreadable to unauthorized users.

Confidentiality: Video encryption software ensures that only authorised users with the right decryption key can access the video content, protecting it from unauthorised viewing or sharing.

Compliance: Video encryption software can help organizations comply with data protection regulations and industry standards by securing sensitive video content.

Control: Video encryption software gives you control over who can access your video content, allowing you to manage permissions and restrict access as needed.

Video encryption software can typically encrypt MP4 types of video files and all other popular formats such as MP4, AVI, MOV, and MKV can be converted to MP4 for encryption.

Yes, this video encryption software is designed to be user-friendly, with intuitive interfaces and simple encryption and decryption processes.

Yes, this video encryption software is designed to be user-friendly, with intuitive interfaces and simple encryption and decryption processes.

Yes, encrypted video files can be shared or transmitted, but the recipient will need the correct decryption key to access and view the content. It’s important to securely share the decryption key only with authorized users to maintain the confidentiality of the video content.

Yes, iShieldProtect®, video encryption software offer features for online streaming or cloud storage, allowing you to encrypt video files and securely store them in the cloud or stream them online. 

Yes, video encryption software can typically be used on multiple devices, such as computers, smartphones, and tablets, depending on the software’s compatibility and licensing terms. It’s important to review the software’s documentation or contact the vendor to confirm device compatibility.

When choosing video encryption software, consider factors such as the encryption algorithm used, key management features, ease of use, compatibility with video format, updates & support, legal compliance and pricing.

Installing Video Copy Protection is a straightforward process. You can download the latest version of Video encryption software from our email that you will get after making payment or can also try it free for a month. You will get proper guidance from our security expert.

You need to install video encryption software to encrypt videos and other content and an encrypted video player to decrypt the video and content.

Yes, you have the option to purchase the video encryption software without a trial.

Please discuss your requirements with iShieldProtect representative and it might be included in future release or it can also be custom build to suit your needs. 

The encryption feature is wanted by every business participating in the video streaming facility. They can secure their data against any type of online theft by using Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) to reach this milestone.

Using the Trial version you can distribute courses with a validity of one month only while the full version provides you to choose course validity based on your need. Also, the trial version allows to distribute max to 10 students.

Any video is securely stored digitally and any kind of unwelcome interception of your key video material is prevented. This process relies heavily on encryption software and hardware to keep your data safe.

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