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Video Encryption Software in Bangalore

iShieldProtect® is a reliable secure video encryption software that is very firm and easy to use for digital education companies and students.

This video encryption software in Bangalore is compatible with all kinds of devices like Windows, Android, iOS, Mac OS, and it works online and offline.

Get the best Video Encryption Software in Bangalore?​

Securing material and videos from unauthorized users and other prying eyes is called video encryption. Video encryption software in Bangalore is essential to any sealing process, even for other files and images.

By encryption, the plaintext is converted into ciphertext using a cryptographic key. A cryptographic key is a set of characters used with an encryption algorithm for converting the data into a ciphertext for security.

Video Encryption software maintains data integrity by avoiding malicious activities and ensuring that the data has not been tampered with while sharing it with the recipient.

Features of iShieldProtect® Video Encryption Software in Bangalore

Online Video Encryption

Screen record prevention

Screen Recorder Prevention​

With the current and future screen recorder apps, OS-based future-proof security will blackout the screen for up to 95% of the time while recording/screenshotting videos.

Multiple devices log in​

The iShieldProtect® program operates on specific criteria and fetches system parameters, so multiple devices may not log in. After that, it generates an identification key.


Restrict Content Download​

With any plugins or software, no one can download your premium educational video content. We keep it secure.

Dynamic Watermark

An artificial watermark appears on the screen to limit plagiarism, maintain brand consistency, and protect your assets.

live streaming

Secure Live Streaming​

You can get the protection of the download & Play model while streaming content online thanks to our secure online streaming support built into our App.

Offline Video Encryption


Pendrive Encryption

Content can’t be shared with anybody else because of Pendrive encryption and SD card encryption.

One Device Access

Just one device is capable of controlling it.

content lifecycle

Content Lifecycle​

The accuracy of the information, or how long it may be utilized, may be controlled.

Restrict HDMI ​​

HDMI usage is limited.

playback control

Playback Control​

Limits how often a student plays or downloads materials from a course.

How to get started with iShieldProtect®?

iShieldProtect assists in the complex process of protecting online and offline content from piracy. Let me tell you how this works if you want.

1- Have one of our experts over zoom explain our product in depth, and then give you a demo account to try out the features at your end. Finally, begin using our product after you have been satisfied and received all of your questions answered.

2- Purchase the product and get immediate access to the video encryption package. After that, on your computer, download and install the program.

3- With the iShieldProtect Encryptor application on your local computer, you may encrypt any material (including video courses, exam papers, ebooks, and others).

4- The encrypted data is accessible for distribution to enrolled students after encryption.

a) Online (Cloud, Google Drive),
b) Offline (Pendrive or Sd Cards),
c) End-to-end encryption ensures that the encrypted material is accessible to enrolled pupils.

5- You may share encrypted data (EXE) using an app. Enrolled students receive a file for Windows, an APK file for Android, or an Apple-stored App.

6- The player can’t play encrypted material anymore because you’ve supplied a license key that works on a single system and can not decrypt it. The expiration dates for Playertent are also included in the licensPlayeralso.

7- Students may now view the material from a computer or mobile device.

They must log in using their email address and insert the license key to AWS or any other cloud server. Students may watch the video online or download it if they choose.

The system is capable of providing encrypted content. The content is played locally when the Player requests the license key. After the expiry date, both courses will stop functioning. With total certainty, you may keep streaming your premium content online or offline and worry about revenue leaks or piracy.

Benefits of Using Video Encryption Software in Bangalore

1- Bangalore’s Video encryption software helps keep the data safe and secure.
2- It prevents unauthorized access to the material.
3- It allows students to view the material in any format they want, including offline mode.
4- It provides a license key that can be used on any system.
5- The software has an expiry date, so you don’t have to worry about data leaks or piracy.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Every company that uses the video streaming infrastructure desires encryption functionality. To achieve this feat, they may safeguard their data against online theft by using Advanced Encryption Standards (AES).

Any company that works in the online world can benefit from iShieldProtect’s cutting-edge solutions. This company encrypts your video to prevent it from being stolen while you stream it online.

Every video is protected digitally, and your actual video content is prevented from being intercepted. This procedure relies heavily on encryption software and hardware to secure your data.

An online education firm may utilize a password to prevent its media material from being stolen. Since it boosts their business, online video encryption software is ideal.

It’s important to them that video streaming remains secure and intact.


Your educational or entertainment videos may be assured with our exceptional services. This keeps stolen videos safe by encrypting them every time they’re stolen. To be helpful, all operations must be kept safe from harm.

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