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A method for digitally obscuring private video footage to prevent unauthorized access and dissemination is video encryption. To protect the content, the method entails encrypting videos using encoding software and hardware.

The video encryption method generates some digital keys that must be used to unlock the encrypted videos before anyone may view them. Therefore, the use of a safe algorithm is the most important component of the encryption system. 

Thus this Video encryption becomes very important for the education department and hence for the teachers as well. There are many Video Encryption software for teachers available with us. Today in this article we are going to introduce them to you. But before that, we are going to explain, what is Video Encryption and why it is required.

Introduction – Video Encryption

Video encryption involves digitally obscuring your recordings to prevent unauthorized viewing and interception of the supplied videos. Videos are encrypted using encoding software as part of the procedure to protect the data. Without first decrypting them, the videos cannot be seen.

Video encryption is a technique for digitally disguising private video content to prevent unauthorized access and transmission. The technique comprises encrypting videos with encoding software and hardware to safeguard the material. And iShieldProtect® may be able to assist you with this. Your films and files will be encrypted thanks to our work.

How does video encryption software for teachers come into the picture?

Due to social conventions that encourage social isolation and widespread lockdowns, the Covid-19 pandemic has inevitably resulted in a rise in the usage of digital devices. Worldwide, individual organizations have had to adapt to new ways of living and working.

People started working from home only, in the same way, students were also dependent on online studies. All the education sector was running online only. Where It was having positive points, it had some negative points as well. 

When teachers share content online or offline (through Pendrive, sd card or google drive) the chances of course piracy increase. Many ways can be done as students believe in sharing content & learning. Like students shares login credentials with each other, do screen recording, cast on projectors & other many ways for online course distribution. 

And when the course is shared offline with students who don’t have proper internet connectivity through a pen drive, sd card or google drive. Then again the probability of revenue loss & premium course sharing increases.

content sharing

This is how video encryption software (or video copy protection) software comes into the picture. And when it comes to video encryption software iShieldProtect® comes first.

What a Video Encryption Software can do for an Institute? 

iShieldProtect® is the best platform for protecting your video material for a variety of reasons, including the following:

  • Screen Recorder Prevention OS-based future-proof protection to block screenshots from current and forthcoming screen recorder apps by up to 99% and black out the screen during video recording.
  • Restrict Numerous devices’ attempts to sign in: The iShieldProtect® software acts under specific conditions and obtains system settings, preventing multiple devices from attempting to sign in. Then a unique identification key is produced.
  • Download Restricted Content – No one can download your premium course content using any plugins or software. We safeguard it.
  • Adaptive Watermark – A dynamic watermark shows on the screen to deter plagiarism, uphold the continuity of your brand, and safeguard your assets.
  • Live Streaming in Safety – With the Secure Online Streaming option we’ve incorporated into our app, you can enjoy all the security of the download & Play approach while streaming the content online.
  • Security for Pendrives – Pendrive and SD card encryption prevent content from being shared with unauthorized parties. The encryption of SD cards and pen drives prevents the sharing of content on One Device.
  • Content Lifecycle Management: We can remotely control the duration of content use or the validity of data.
  • Limiting HDMI – We can control the duration of content use or the authenticity of data remotely. Playback control regulates how many times a student may play or open course materials.
  • Remote Disabling of course as per need. Adaptive Bit Rate
  • Custom Student dashboard.
  • Self-practice sets- Students can make test papers after completing chapters and do self-assessments.
  • Test Paper – Teachers can design test papers and take the exam without any worry.
  • Ranking Report & Progress Report for students.
  • Sd card & Pendrive Encryption.
  • White Labelled software.
  • Full HD Player.


Encrypting video footage is ultimately important, and doing so with the right gear and software is similarly important. And Video Encryption Software for Teachers is the need of the time. Therefore, iShieldProtect® might be your top selection for a video encryption system.

It delivers excellent content encryption and robust course security to give users a better and safer user experience. The platform is also so light that it can playback HD videos on a 3G network without stuttering.

The information that is saved on your device is encrypted to create scrambled text that is impossible to read or decrypt without the decryption key. Encrypting the data on your device will prevent it from being read if it is stolen.

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