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Video Copy Protection Software - iShieldProtect®

A complete solution for coaching industry to distribute their content either online and offline with full encryption of education material including video copy protection, test paper encryption, sd card encryption, pen drive encryption (pendrive classes) & live streaming encryption.

Are you concerned about safety of your digital content

Online security of your data is very crucial in today’s digital era. You can hardly figure out if your content and data are always in safe hands or if it is exposed to a potential threat. This makes us realize how important it is to secure online digital content.

But how do we accomplish the security goals? Thousands of different online services, apps, websites, but the question remains – whom do we trust?

Why Another Video Copy Protection Software ?

Though there are many video copy protection software in the market, the challenge is none of them provide complete content security and they are either vulnerable to be downloaded through ever growing list of plug-ins or screen recording through apps (the list of which keeps growing everyday) or falling prey to hackers techniques.

So education market needed a solution which can secure all of their content (video, books, test papers) from every possible threats on any possible devices (Mobile/iPAD/Laptop) and that’s why we created iShieldProtect®.

One-stop solution - iShieldProtect®​

iShieldProtect handles all your digital security needs (like video copy protection) in a single platform without any hectic process or clutter. iShieldProtect® has proved itself to be the best app for digital data security through its several safety features and security solutions.

The main characteristics of iShieldProtect® are –

  • Provides Advance Bulletproof Security.
  • Single solution for all your needs.
  • User-friendly player.
  • Built for the education industry.

iShieldProtect® provides security for online learning, offline learning as well as live-streaming.

Why is iShieldProtect® an ideal encryption platform?

It uses Advanced encryption standard with 128 bit key ensuring your content can never be compromised. And it also binds the playback with specific device associated with the content, be it any platform. The platform can be Android, IOS, Windows, MAC, etc. This fortifies and ensures that the encryption is not restricted to specific devices. This avoids violating the rules and limiting the content to specific people.

As you may have observed, sharing the video is usually not allowed for privacy and security reasons on many apps and video content providers. So, hackers find other ways to contravention. And one of the common paths they opt for is screen recording. Our application identifies local and remote running screen recording apps and uses operating system level protection to turn the screen to grey. This makes screen recording prevention future proof which ensures that any new recording apps coming in future as well will not be able to record the screen. 

iShieldProtect® focuses on providing online and offline encryption, unlike other platforms which either provide online or offline, for the convenience of our students. We ensure that with online security, students also have offline security on an SD card, Pendrive, VOD, etc.

Services provided by iShieldProtect®

  • Video Copy Protection or Encryption – iShieldProtect® provides high quality native apps for every device to ensure ease of use by student as well as utilize operating system level security features. Super strong video protection is one of the main concerns for video content providers. We, as a team, have taken all care of it for you to maintain privacy, security, and protection from unauthorized access.

    SD card and Pendrive Encryptions – iShieldProtect® video protection is not dependent on specific device. So while transferring data on your device, hard discs such as SD cards and Pendrives need can be used too. Many students need offline resources such as sd cards and pen drives during classes for test papers, question banks, audiobooks, PDFs, etc. Critical and sensitive data are also stored in SD cards and pendrives. Hence, iShieldProtect® provides complete protection for SD cards as well as pendrives.

    Data on SD card or pen drive data cannot be used by anyone other than the student enrolled in the class. These devices are made secure to work only on a single laptop/phone. If an attempt has been made to leak the data, the iShieldProtect® team can remotely block the SD card or pen drive access.

    Built for the education industry – You will observe exponential growth in students leaning towards online education modes if you have a keen look. Rampant use of online mode has increased threat for data being pirated. Therefore iShieldProtect® provides end-to-end video copy protection or encryption. And also uses the cloud for securing the stored data of students. This avoids data breaches and trouble for the students. iShieldProtect® allows the students to use question banks, test papers, practice papers, and mock tests. Furthermore, iShieldProtect® delivers encryption for these test papers prepared by students or institutions, question banks, PDFs, and much more. It does not restrain our service and ensure that encryption is all-inclusive.

    Also, iShieldProtect® brings forth opportunities for the students to create their own practice tests, including many options apart from their provided coaching class. With this, it is making a distinctive place in the education industry. And the students can also be ranked according to their marks compared to others and provide intelligent recommendations on course topics to revise. Student also has access to its reading progress to plan their study. All these features of iShieldProtect® are specially made by keeping the focal point on education and how it can benefit a student to level up with end-to-end encryption.

    Test Paper Encryption – Online education services need encryption for assuring privacy and maintaining data integrity. And one of those is test papers given online, and they need encryption. iShieldProtect® provides complete test paper engine to create test papers as well and its consumption in any device with same level of security which is available for video protection. In case someone has already a website built for test paper it can secure the entire website to ensure that it cannot be screen recorded or print screened.  

    Online Streaming Encryption – Students prefer online live lectures over recorded lectures as they find it more convenient to understand. However, during these online streaming, courses can be downloaded which results into revenue leak for institutes. iShieldProtect® provides live streaming encryption using AWS and youtube servers and delivers it to all possible devices securely. iShieldProtect® software provides same level of security viz. prevent screen recording, watermarking to dissuade camera recording, no-downloads and all other security features which are available for recorded videos. 

Better Service, Low Cost, Effortless Growth

All of these tasks are done through elementary and easy-to-understand backend processes. A simple process is set to minimize operations costs.

Speed of execution and regular up-gradation with maintenance and debugging of errors done by SPV Tech team always to keep the app up-to-date and effortlessly functioning.

Simple yet Efficient Flow

We believe in customer satisfaction!

iShieldProtect® by SPV Tech aims to provide its consumers with a user-friendly experience for all the students and the digital education business. That is why we keep customer satisfaction as our number one priority. SPV Tech always tends to make new or suggestive changes to the app that make the app a better functioning model and enhance the user experience.

User-friendliness is our key to connecting to you!

Since our primary target audience is the students and online educational businesses who will use this app for privacy and security, we dispense user-friendly characteristics for the iShieldProtect® app. Some of those are –

● Quality is automatically adjusted based on Internet bandwidth.
● Selection of Video Quality
● Even on a 3G data connection, the Full HD Player streams seamlessly.
● Fast forward/seek


Multipurpose and Adaptable - We Support every Platform!

SPV Tech’s iShieldProtect® app provides all kinds of content security solutions and online data safety. iShieldProtect® supports all operating systems like Android, iOS, macOS, etc., and is available on all kinds of devices like windows, android phones, iPad, etc.

Secure your Content, Today!

To sum up all the merits of the iShieldProtect® app briefly in a few words, iShieldProtect® primarily focuses on video copy protection & other educational content safety and security whether it’s for online learning or offline learning and business professionals, iShieldProtect® has got it all covered. This is why iShieldProtect® has earned the position of the best for video copy protection software.

These features, along with protection against piracy and cyber malpractices, can only be done by iShieldProtect®. Carefully developed by our tech team while keeping a user-friendly experience in mind, iShieldProtect® is the one-stop solution for your online data security problems.