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Test paper encryption

iShieldProtect® helps you to encrypt your digital content like test paper encryption on all platforms like Windows, Android, Mac, and iOS for students to view their encrypted content either online or offline.

That’s because the U.S. Chamber of Commerce estimated $29.2 billion of lost revenue from piracy. Data breaches, unauthorized video sharing, and hacks, therefore, can be a substantial cost for many companies.

What is Test Paper Encryption?

In the modern digital era, we continuously share and receive tons of data. Now, this data contains all kinds of things. It may collect generic information, specific information, miscellaneous information, sensitive and personal information, or simply garbage. But whatever it may be, this sharing and receiving data from ourselves to countless individuals on the internet somehow put our privacy at risk. So securing your content and managing your privacy is considered very important for personal and business uses.

The same goes for online education services. They, too, need security and protection of their content, and we have got just the best solution for that. Our company SPV Tech has designed the perfect digital solution – iShieldProtect®, which helps you for test paper encryption to secure your online content from illegal hacking and piracy. 

How does iShieldProtect® help in test paper encryption?

iShieldProtect® is an application that helps to encrypt your digital content like test paper encryption and various players on Windows, Android, Mac, and iOS platforms for students to view their encrypted content either online or offline.

Now you may be wondering why test paper encryption is necessary for online educational system? Broadcasters should be concerned about securing their confidential data & test paper material as piracy and hacking continue to rise year after year.

That’s because the US Chamber of Commerce estimates that piracy has cost the US $29.2 billion in lost revenue. As a result, data breaches, unauthorized video sharing, and hackers can be costly for many businesses.

Test papes are one such thing that requires encryption from these hackers lurking on the internet. It can be of any kind ranging from videos, question papers, answer booklets, PDFs, books, audio files, etc. We have heard numerous cases of test papers being leaked online and even some essential exam papers. Encrypting test papers can solve all these problems in an instant. This also ensures students access their respective test papers, practise tests, etc. This also reduces the losses of online educational businesses.

Why iShieldProtect® for test paper encryption?

Now you may think that you’ll get better service in the test paper encryption domain from others, so then how are we different from others? How is our software better in quality than others? What’s our differentiator?

iShieldProtect® is software that gives you a whole service package in the form of a test paper engine. This test paper engine offers you a single-stop solution for multiple problems only in the test paper area. We offer complete solution for education industry.

Importance of Test Paper Encryption

Sometimes not only students but even other small businesses try to replicate the official test papers from various pirated sources so that they can pass them on to their students through different distribution channels. This hampers the actual test paper distribution and results in getting papers leaked often. And thereby generating huge losses. Thus here encryption is very much required to ensure a safe and reliable test paper distribution.

Features of iShieldProtect® Test Paper Encryption

There are several types of test papers like MCQs, numerical, descriptive, boolean, etc. iShieldProtect® test paper encryptions takes care of that as well. Adaptability to multiple types of question papers and encrypting it safely and simultaneously ensuring proper grading and marking in case any student who wants to review it as a practice or mock paper can do so without any problems. Not only there is provision for proper marking ( positive and negative), there is also the provision of explanation of wrong answers to give students more clarity. This can be done for both online and offline modes.

Authorities and universities can then ensure that proper ranking is given based on the marking system and feed it to the server to maintain records and for analysis. To increase scalability and accessibility in the back-end, AWS has also been integrated into the iShieldProtect® test paper encryption. This gives more security, thorough analysis, and accessibility to all students and businesses.

Another exclusive feature is that student can also create their own practice paper for mock-ups for specific topics as well. This can further be segregated into categories like easy to hard.

Safe & Secure Online Coaching

With iShieldProtect®, the companies who provide digital educational services can also ensure the safe and secure distribution of their lecture notes, ebooks, audiobooks, etc., online without any issues of piracy or hacking. Simply encrypting ebooks and encrypting lecture notes can ensure a safe passage of distribution to your student network through the internet without any fear of getting your digital content hacked, pirated, or corrupted.

And with the help of iShield Protect, we have made this gruelling task relatively easy. So you can leave the rest on us!

The process and the app are also straightforward to use. Both the service provider and the student can use the iShieldProtect® app on any device and have access to their encrypted course content by simply entering the license keys which will be provided to them. Then the course can be streamed securely or downloaded from the cloud.

Even online test paper encryption can be done through our services. A similar can be done with other things like encryption of ebooks, lecture notes, online videos, demo videos, digital course content, etc. So wherever the issue is of encrypting your digital content, SPV Tech is the company that shines there. 

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