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iShieldProtect® offers video course encryption software which encrypt all your education content even in online and offline. This is complete solution for education industry.

Why is data encryption necessary in education?

Nowadays, people have different perspectives while perceiving education. From teaching, self-studying, and other coachings through online modes, digital learning, and teaching techniques are increasing in vast. However, with its several benefits, there come some disadvantages too in this online model. Students and teachers suffer from issues. There is a high risk of data breaches. So there is a need for data encryption in schools, whether offline or online.

Sometimes to avoid any discomfort, end-to-end encryption is one of the best options for keeping the data secured. The education industry needs security software for institutes to ensure content encryption and course encryption. There are almost zero chances of any data interception by a third party using end-to-end encryption and ensuring smooth data transit through online mode.

Some of the benefits of using end-to-end encryption are –
● It reduces the possibility of data breaches.
● It ensures smooth transit of data from sender to recipient.
● It protects the stored data as well through cloud storage.

iShieldProtect® provides digital content security and helps maintain the data for you by first converting it into end-to-end encryption and then using the cloud to secure the stored data to the next level. Our software will help you safeguard your information as a shield, the same as our name suggests. And the asset is that it can be any platform, for example, Android, Windows, iPhone, Mac, and iPad. We provide our service to any of these mentioned platforms.

How will iShieldProtect® help you for protecting your Data?

As mentioned earlier, it is essential to protect personal data provided by students. And iShieldProtect® provides applications that encrypt your content and various players on Android, Windows, Mac, and IOS to enable the students to view the encrypted content offline or online.

Here are some advantages of iShieldProtect®-

  • We provide online streaming (VOD) with adaptive bitrate support and offline data security to students.

  • End-to-end is offered for content protection.

  • The encryption is not only applicable for videos. It also includes encrypting test papers, question banks, PDF, books, and Audio files. It also allows the sharing of these files through and media securely.

  • The player can play smoothly and do secured and flexible online streaming downloads even with insufficient data and capture the market of TIER1/ TIER2 / TIER3 cities.

  • Students can also design practice tests on their own apart from the test papers provided by the institute.

  • Protection against screen recording and other unauthorized access is given to go live securely on apps like youtube.

  • Test papers/VOD are also secured from screen recorders and screen captures or prints by running it in Stealth mode using the windows application.
  • Apps on Android, IOS, Windows, and Mac OS work online and offline mode without the internet.

  • Students can use the same package on Windows, Android, IOS, and Mac without paying extra charges. And you have to encrypt the course once and then distribute it offline or online at your convenience.

  • In a nutshell, iShieldProtect® is a complete coaching industry solution including everything from tests, VOD website, video encryption, android app, pen drive, to live streaming, etc. All of this at a low cost.

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