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Secure Video Streaming Software

iShieldProtect® is a reliable secure video streaming software (AWS, Youtube, Zoom) that is very firm and easy to use for digital education companies and students.

This secure live streaming software is compatible with all kinds of devices like Windows, Android, iOS, Mac OS, and it works online and offline.

Why Secure Video Streaming?

Thousands of educational services providing their digital education online and expanding their businesses with live lecture videos and online streaming have become very common, yet it is the most preferred method. To better understand the content, students prefer to be taught directly through live lectures  and online video streams through ZOOM, YOUTUBE & AWS.

However, most online education companies are struggling with the Securely Live issue. This issue of secure video streaming and their video contents has caused severe losses to their businesses and students who can’t securely access their course content. 

Secure Live Streaming Classes


Run live zoom classes, no one can access & record that live classes without your permission and can't share that meeting links to anyone.


Run Youtube live classes freely in your pannel. No one can access it & can't share it with anyone. And Restrict Downloading & Recording.


Teach live to your students through AWS & stay piracy free . Protect your live classes from unethical views, recording & sharings.

Is Secure Live Streaming Really Important?

The privacy and security of the online lectures and Livestream videos is a critical thing that needs to be taken care of because there are many suspicious malware and spyware, online hackers that may breach the security of these videos and may also corrupt the content.

iShieldProtect® by SPV Tech is a brilliant and affordable solution to this problem as it tackles these issues by providing secure live streaming. iShieldProtect® is a reliable live streaming software that is very secure and easy to use for digital education companies and students.

Why Does Securely Live Matter?

Many online educational service providers that conduct live lectures, live video streams, etc., now can forget to worry about the security of their course content. iShieldProtect® software encrypts your live videos securely using youtube live and protects unauthorized access and screen recording. Only the host and the students might have access to it.

This secure video streaming software is compatible with all kinds of devices like Windows, Android, iOS, Mac OS, and it works online and offline. It can even run smoothly without the internet as well. It provides unparalleled content security through an advanced encryption system of 128 bit with protection against all known possible types of piracy and absolutely no chance of downloading or recording without legitimate access.

How iShieldProtect® plays a major role in securing your online streaming?

iShieldProtect® offers end-to-end security even on servers and its encrypted content. Protection from screen capture, screen recording, projector, large screen display, dissuading camera recording, etc., are other things that iShieldProtect® software can do. iShieldProtect® ensures Online Streaming(VOD) with adaptive bitrate support and offline distribution with complete security. Encrypts and secures your test paper or VOD website by running it in stealth mode using windows application from the malpractices mentioned above.

iShieldProtect® app is a single-stop solution for all your content security needs. No more maintaining multiple tools for Tests, VOD websites, video encryption, Android apps, pen drive, live streaming, etc. A single solution for all your content security problems.

Content security, live stream security, test paper encryption, video encryption all of these critical issues can be taken care of instantly with the help of the most reliable and secure live streaming software – iShieldProtect® . Hence anyone can utilize this application created by SPV Tech and rest easy with their worries about the live video streaming of their course contents or online videos regarding the same.

In conclusion, iShieldProtect® software is the best and most trusted application for all kinds of content security issues for anybody.

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