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Secure Live Streaming Software

iShieldProtect® is a reliable secure video streaming software that is very firm and easy to use for digital education companies and students.

This secure live streaming software is compatible with all kinds of devices like Windows, Android, iOS, Mac OS, and it works online and offline.

Are you looking Solution for secure video streaming? We are here to Help You!

Online videos are considered to be the most popular medium of transmitting knowledge and information from one person to the entire world. It is widely used by educational institutions, government agencies, and other professional organisations. As the online industry is booming the threats are also increasing at a larger speed. There are people who take pleasure in troubling the content creator. 

In the digital streaming world, the most important aspect is ‘Piracy or unethical downloading and sharing’ therefore, this becomes the reason for securing the online streaming of your valuable content. Let’s see how iShieldProtect® is helpful in providing the best services in securing the video streaming. iShieldProtect®, a firm which will cater to all your data security needs.

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What do we understand by Secure Video Streaming?

Secure video streaming is nothing but a form of online video streaming that prioritizes security and privacy.  There are several nuances of secure streaming of videos online and there are many ways to approach it as well.  For some people, secure streaming may sound as simple as using protection through password as this will help them to keep the unauthorised viewers away from their stream.  For other people, secure streaming of video may be more complex with more intense security protocols and state of the art encryptions.

Why do we need Secure Video Streaming?

We saw a marvellous growth in online activities in these pandemic years. The internet world is expected to grow bigger and better in the coming years too. The educational institutions had vast data streamed online as online education is the new Guru Kul. Therefore, this tremendous growth becomes one of the reasons for rise in the demand of secure video streaming services.  Everyone wants their content to remain private and untouched by anyone.

How is iShieldProtect® helpful in providing the best services in terms of secure live video streaming?

iShieldProtect® is a firm that promises the best of the services I securing your data online. There are various methods by which you will be able to secure the video streaming both online and offline.

  • Password Protection: This is considered to be the most basic form of providing security for your videos. This option enables you to block your video streaming by protecting it through a password. No one will be able to view it if they do not have the password with them. The only requirement here is to keep the password safe here as your video content will be safe till the time your password is kept in privacy.

  • This method is most suitable to small organisations and businesses or in the situations where you are privately passing the video to your exclusive groups before making it public. There are always positives and negatives attached to everything that you do. Therefore, this method of password protection is not enough. It doesn’t guarantee complete protection as the passwords can be tapped easily through your friends, colleagues and even via online platforms as well.  Here is where iShieldProtect® will provide you comprehensive details on how to make your password protection more strong

  • Full Control on the life cycle of you content: With iShieldProtect® you will be able to trace and put control over the lifecycle of the content. You are free to put starting and the ending (expiry) date of the content. Restrict the user on the following criteria like maximum number of attempts for attempting the test papers, setting expiry date on the test papers.

  • Full Proof Expiration Date Lock: This feature helps you to lock the content in the video streaming. If the student tries to change the system date, then the intelligence built in the system automatically detects it and takes the most appropriate action against such issues. Therefore, you content is fully bulletproof.

  • Full support in terms of securing all the digital content: You will be able to secure and encrypt your videos, PDF’s, audios, test papers, Flash files and eBooks without any fear of losing it irrespective of how it is being circulated online or offline. Your data and video content’s safety will be the utmost priority at iShieldProtect®.
  • Limited Playbacks: There are times when students share their systems with other batch mates or friends then the videos and the data will be in access of number of people therefore, at iShieldProtect® we prevent this from happening. In order to prevent this misuse of content a limit is set on the number of times a student can access the data. Isn’t it great!

  • Secured Online Streaming: When the content is streamed online then this feature is highly recommended by iShieldProtect® as it helps you to protect the data with help of a built in App. Therefore, you are free to enjoy live streaming of the videos without worrying on the privacy aspect.

As I told you we at iShieldProtect® provide complete solution to all you need of Secure Video Streaming. Your security is our priority. We are just a click away!

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