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SD Card Encryption Software & Pen Drive Encryption Software

iShieldProtect® encrypt your educational content even in the offline world through highly secure pen drive encryption software & sd card encryption technique. Now distribute content offline hassle-free.

SD Card Encryption for Teachers

In today’s rapidly moving world, data has become one of the vital elements. All the devices that are being used on a daily basis – right from a smartphone, PC, laptop, to a table consist of crucial data. Just as important it is to keep the device secure, it is equally important to keep each related element secure. 

Here, we understand that as the amount of content increases, so is there a rise in the malpractices such as data breaching. In such circumstances, data encryption comes into the frame. Let us look at how iShieldProtect® helps to keep educational institue offline content secure through SD card Encryption technique.

In the era of digitalization, many students opt for online classes and online learning. But not everyone is comfortable with live online learning, or at times, students need to revise things. Also, students can be from an urban area or rural area, and with that, the internet connectivity differs. So, online coaching might not be the best for students with improper internet connectivity. Education institutes very well understood this and has started providing pendrive classes or offline sharing video material through SD Cards and Pen Drives. These facilities provided by the coaching industry have allowed students to learn at their convenience, from anywhere they wish to, many studies convenient. But with good comes wrong.

It is crucial for the coaching and educational industry to realise that as there can be many benefits, there are some disadvantages too. There are chances of data breaches and other malware. iShieldProtect® takes this in mind and has a perfect solution for every platform. We take this responsibility to encrypt your content and distribute in a very handy manner. 

To avoid any piracy because of sharing the offline study material provided to students, we encrypt all the premium content with iShieldProtect® software which can be in form of the test papers, videos, question banks, PDF files, and Audio files. We encode the data with top-notch encryption software (sd card encryption software) to provide smooth data transit and protect the stored data as many students have been affected by ransomware attempts and perform malicious activities.

How to get started with SD Card Encryption?

1- Purchase the software or strat the free trial.

2- Encrypt your content in your local system.

3- Send encrypted content in sd card along with our encrypted player.

4- Share the encrypted sd card with user.

5- Send the activation key to user through email.

6- USER is ready to consume the content.

Businesses always need to care about revenue leaks. Coming to the coaching industry, the possible threats can be:​

And the list will go on. But, it is no longer a concern because the solution provided by iShieldProtect® covers it all. The SD card and pendrive is encrypted in such a way that the content can be used only on a single device. If a student tries to violate the terms by sharing the content, the sd card/pendrive will be blocked remotely.

The benefit of SD card encryption is that no one else other than you can have access to your data. USB drive that is a Pendrive can also be encrypted. iShieldProtect® encrypts data for any device, be it – android, windows, IOS, and Mac.  iShieldProtect® will also notify the expiry date of the course. Students can use the software in the given duration, this course can be remotely disabled by iShieldProtect®.

iShieldProtect® will provide build-in application software for encryption of USB drives. We believe in following the requisite steps to secure the data. This guarantees to avoid unprecedented situations and retain the safety of students. Thus, iShieldProtect® does not compromise the safety of students and ensures high cybersecurity. If attackers intend to breach the data, but with high security, the chances of data leak will be negligible. As the information contained is well encrypted.

Why SD card Encryption is Important?

SD card encryption helps protect your data while it’s on the SD card. If someone else gets access to the SD card, they won’t be able to read your files. SD card encryption is also important if you ever lose your SD card. If someone finds the SD card, they won’t be able to read your files unless they have the correct password or key.

The Benefits of SD Card encryption software

There are many benefits that can be achieved by using encryption software on your SD card.

Firstly, it will protect your data from being accessed by unauthorized individuals.
Secondly, it will also provide a degree of security when transferring your data between different devices.
Finally, encryption software can help to protect your data if it falls into the wrong hands.

If your SD card is stolen, someone who does not have the correct password to access the data may be unable to view or use it. Encryption software will help to safeguard this information against unauthorized access.

Another benefit of using encryption software on your SD card is that it can make sure that any confidential information you store on it is encrypted and safe from prying eyes. This means that if you need to share sensitive information with someone, you can do so without worrying that it will be compromised.

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