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DRM player for iOS, Android, Windows | Platform We Supports

Content and data encryption is a vital need in today’s world. Users consume data, and you can never limit it to any particular platform. Your content should be available on every possible platform; but securely! With iShieldProtect®, your search for an ideal content encryption service can now be brought to an end.


There are over 2.5 billion active Android users! You definitely don’t want to miss out on such a potential audience. iShieldProtect® will encrypt your educational content for android devices to keep it secure from possible threats.


Your content on windows can now be completely secured with iShieldProtect®. We provide our clients security-of-security, and all the data, communications, and Windows servers are secure through our end-to-end encryption.


Like other platforms similarly, there are data thefts through Mac too. iShieldProtect® will give your Mac the security needed. iShieldProtect® effortlessly encrypts the educational content for students.


Due to the security provided by iOS, encryption-providing companies usually turn a blind eye towards content encryption on iPhone. But iShieldProtect® is for your rescue, and iShieldProtect® provides encryption of advanced technology to iPhone users as well.


iShieldProtect® also helps to secure your educational data and content from unauthorized access on the iPad. Just produce content and sit tension free.

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