How to Protect EdTech Course from Piracy Offline

No teacher, trainer, institute, or creator would ever want their high-quality course videos to be widely pirated right after their debut. It’s devastating to even think of that. However, it is happening not only in your country but in every corner of the world.

Nowadays instructors or businesses teach on two bases: online and offline. Online courses mean regular streaming course videos on the institution’s or trainer’s web portal. In contrast, offline bases mean having the course videos and pdfs in the storage of the learners’ device. Sometimes for ‘extra study’ or similar purposes, teachers and lecturers circulate their notes and video courses amongst their students who have paid for their educational services. Everything seems merry until the lecturer finds out that their courses are being made available everywhere in the city.

Offline protection, which means anti-piracy measures for in-storage devices such as SD cards and pen drives, is a head-spinning task for educational institutions, teachers, and individuals. Apart from downloading premium course content from websites, students share course multimedia stored in pen drives and SD cards with friends and relatives, spreading piracy like wildfire.

But there are ways to stop this from happening as well. Major ed-tech businesses have used technologies like account limitation and DRM (Digital Rights Management) video encryption to secure their courses. With the help of iShieldProtect®, a video course encryption software from SPV Technology Ventures, which will meet all of your fundamental needs.

Therefore, before we go into detail on how you can prevent your courses from being stolen, let’s look at some global piracy data.

Privacy is a global problem

  • Illegal streaming services are to blame for over 80% of all worldwide internet piracy costing industries global revenue losses in billions.
  • The US economy loses between $29.2 to $71 billion a year and loses 70,000 jobs per year due to piracy to digital video piracy.
  • Twenty-four percent of the world’s bandwidth is used for illegal downloads of copyrighted content, and 230 billion views of pirated video content are recorded each year.

Due to content piracy, edtech businesses, institutions, and instructors lose money and paid customers. One paying user downloads the course and distributes it among contacts. Many customers decide against purchasing the premium course. If you haven’t given it much attention before, this is a severe problem, and you should do something about it.

iShieldProtect® Anti-Piracy Software for Edtech

By implementing intellectual property protection for offline and online course videos and multimedia, iShieldProtect® takes the security of your training courses seriously. Sell courses safely without using weak passwords or plug-ins, and impose use, access, and geographical restrictions. No issue where they are stored, licensed, or subject to DRM rules; DRM technology assures the security of your course videos and data. Zero temporary files are employed; course content is unencrypted in memory. Intellectual property security for offline training and courses – prevent content theft, copy-protect courseware, halt test cheating, and guard against content piracy and unauthorized distribution of your offline learning course.

Offline Protection via iShieldProtect®:

iShieldProtect® is a video course encryption software that offers strong pen drive encryption and SD card encryption services. iShieldProtect® can encrypt your educational courses while it is being used offline by employing storage devices, enabling the instructor, academy, institution, or firm to distribute educational media without difficulties offline.

iShieldProtect® uses metadata to learn about the student’s device system’s internal configuration and block access from other third party or unauthorized devices. Training courses are instantly limited to approved user devices to avoid sharing with unauthorized users. If a protected course is transferred to another device or visited outside of an authorized location, it will not launch. This prevents repeated illegal consumption of the expensive course modules. Consequently, edtech firms, businesses, institutions, lecturers, teachers, and individuals lose money from those views. 

Default screen capture protection in Android and iOS apps is used by iShieldProtect®. No one else can download your videos using a plugin or other hacks, thanks to iShieldProtect®’s ultimate-grade video DRM technology.

Why iShieldProtect®

Given the growing demand for e-learning courses, we must focus on e-learning video protection if you are the owner of an ed-tech business. After all, why wouldn’t you? Premium video-based courses are the primary source of income for any ed-tech firm. If you don’t take suitable precautions, you might suffer a significant loss even if your content is high quality. As a result, iShieldProtect®, an all-in-one video course encryption software, has become the primary source of IPR protection for the education technology industry.

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