How do get benefited from SD Card Encryption?

SD Card & Pendrive Encryption

Your files stored on the SD card may get benefit from an additional layer of security thanks to encryption. Your data is secured on the SD card so that no one else can access your stuff. You’ve come to the right site if you’re looking for information on what encryption is and how to encrypt and decode an SD card. This post will discuss SD card encryption in detail.

What do you mean by Encrypted SD Card?

With an encrypted SD card, your data is safe and nobody can access your saved files unless you enter the password. This is very essential when we are sharing some important & confidential data through sd cards or Pendrive. The education industry is using this mostly nowadays to share their premium courses through encrypted sd cards & Pendrive. They also call it Pendrive classes.

Pen drive class software

Although there are other organizations that are well-known for offering Pendrive classes software online, the best companies always choose iShieldProtect® for their Pendrive-based course needs. The service that offers encryption for media files stored on Pendrives is the most beneficial. Here, iShieldProtect® enters the picture and enables any company to protect Pendrive content from theft.

How Do I Encrypt My SD Card?

If you don’t know anything about SD card encryption, you’re going to have a difficult time. Consequently, how do I password-protect a Windows SD card? We provide you with two simple and effective Windows solutions to that problem.

Option 1:

Protect your SD Card Windows 10

If you’re running a version of Windows 10 that is Pro or higher, follow these instructions. The built-in tool for encrypting SD cards and securing them with a passcode is BitLocker.

Step 1: Connect your SD card, then click This PC after the computer recognizes it.

Step 2: Click the SD card in the context menu and select BitLocker.

Step 3: A reminder to unlock the drive appears with two alternatives. Typically, we advise users to “Use a password to access the drive.” “. Select “Unlock the drive with my smart card” if you have one “for the job. Enter a lengthy password to protect your phone.

Step 4: At that point, you will be prompted to choose how to back up your passcode.

Step 5:  After that. Encrypt the entire SD card or just the utilized space. Typically, go with option 2.

Step 6: To begin encrypting, click Next.

Option 2

Encrypt My SD Card with SD Card Encryption Software

Think about utilising some software. How do you choose an sd card encryption software programme when there are so many available? We’ve compiled a few SD card encryption software for you to use when dealing with encryption problems.

iShieldProtect® Sd Card & Pendrive Encryption Software

When it comes to Pendrive classes iShieldProtect®, first comes to mind, due to its wide features and security. iShieldProtect® is widely used software by the education industry. 

How it works – 

With help of iShieldProtect® software, you have to encrypt your content on your local device. And after that share the encrypted content with students along with other software which includes an encrypted DRM player, which will help in playing the encrypted content. Before playing content, the player will ask for a unique key that will be secured password generated by software combination of your course & expiry details. This is the software best if you are looking to encrypt your educational courses to share with students through Pendrive (offline), online or through streaming. They have all the features that you need to run an educational business successfully. Here are a few features mentioned below- 

Features of SD Card Encryption with iShieldProtect®:

Prevent Recording

Dynamic watermark

Adaptive Bit Rate HD Player

Single Device access only

Video Quality Selector

Automatic disabling of course after the expiry

VGA & HDMI control

Self Practice test papers

Student Dashboard

And many more…

GiliSoft USB Encryption

Windows users can also use the potent SD card encryption software GiliSoft USB Encryption. It is compatible with all types of external storage devices and uses cutting-edge encryption technology to protect any data. Even if you misplaced it, there is no need to worry about privacy leaks. How much of your drive to encrypt is up to you. Therefore, there are two sections that are visible, one of which is encrypted and the other is public.


  • even for a novice to use, it is simple.
  • Your SD card will be encrypted using 256-bit AES.
  • the interface of the encrypted space is visible.


  • Unable to precisely verify the encrypted part’s accuracy.

Free Password Protect SD Memory Card

As implied by the name, Free Password Protect SD Memory Card is a completely free encryption programme that can be used with Windows. All memory card manufacturers, including SanDisk, Kingston, KingMax, Sony, and others, are supported by this programme. This is the reliable microSD card encryption programme you should use if you have one. In addition, support is provided for SD Card, MicroSD, SDHC, CF (Compact Flash) Card, xD Picture Card, and Memory Stick. Realizing data on SD card encryption only requires two steps.


  • Interface is uncomplicated and free of technical jargon.
  • open to all users; free.
  • with hidden, lock.


  • support is limited to SD memory card kinds.

Final Words

Your microSD card’s data is more secure if it is encrypted. The data on your SD card is locked to your device in its present configuration. Even if it is transferred to another computer or device, the files cannot be read if it is lost, stolen, or uninstalled. We just explained to you a few ways for SD card encryption. You may have benefits from them by using our above-written points.

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