How do Edtech firms protect their content from Piracy?

Hackers are spreading premium content from educational websites within their social circles and groups where coworkers or friends may access courses for free, which puts edtech businesses in a precarious position. Numerous educational institutions are always looking for a solution to the issue of online education piracy. A means to watermark educational information is sought explicitly after by e-learning providers to stop online courses, lecture recordings, and PDFs from being forcibly redistributed online.

Students are naturally tempted to share anything from lecture notes to course slides to whole online textbooks, despite the fact that academic institutions and businesses are understandably cautious of their valuable intellectual property. Since consumers are less inclined to enrol in an online course or buy a textbook if they can obtain pirated information for free, this causes financial loss for educational institutions($ 5 billion in Delhi, India, alone!.) This seriously jeopardizes the long-term viability of educational institutions and limits their ability to change with technological advancements in their sector.

With digitalisation, the presence of online content is increasing rapidly as new companies make it every now and then, and so does their number one problem: piracy. With this came several products to attempt to stop piracy and with so many ineffective solutions which add on to the additional waste spending for Edtech firms to sustain their profitability. But the new age Edtech firms need not to worry as out of all the anti-piracy products, they use a one-stop solution for Edtech firms to help them curb privacy not only online, but also offline!

SPV Technology Ventures is able to offer an efficient and cost-effective anti-piracy solution for Edtech Industry companies and institutions through their new-age technology platform: iShieldProtect®.
iShieldProtect® is a comprehensive B2B solution for the education technology sector that encrypts educational courses both online and offline multimedia like videos, exam papers, SD cards, etc. But why is it so popular amongst Edtech firms? Let’s understand it.

How to protect your online course videos and content from piracy

Secure Your Premium Online Course Videos with iShieldProtect® Anti-Piracy Solutions

iShieldProtect® offers complete solution for coaching institutes (elearning) to protect your online courses (video & content) form elarning piracy. iShieldProtect® is an expert in encrypting video content of academic institutions based on the system’s IP address which accesses the course resulting in copyright infringement on almost all Operating Systems such as Android, Windows, iOS and MAC for example. It restricts third-party systems to access the institution’s intellectual property making it the best video Course Protection Software for Teachers, Instructors, Institutions and Edtech firms. Its protection works with a player equipped with adaptive bitrate and scalable VOD technology ensuring that the media plays with negligible interference with the internet connection or bandwidth allowing the student to stream seamlessly. It has features like a secure stream which obstructs piracy or any infringement of intellectual property.

iShieldProtect® player has all the features to protect files, tests, live streaming and stored files which is customizable and allows integration with the website.

How to protect online course videos from download

Protect Your Online Course Videos with iShieldProtect® – The Ultimate E-Learning Piracy Solution

iShieldProtect® complete elearning piracy solution protect content from downloading. Lets see how iShieldProtect® helps to protect online course videos from download.

iShieldProtect® offers a complete solution to protect your online course content from piracy and unauthorized downloading. With its advanced video encryption software, you can ensure the security of your online course videos.

The iShieldProtect® video encryption software encrypts your content on your local device before it is uploaded to the server. This means that only encrypted content is uploaded, keeping your original videos and content safe and secure.

To consume the content, users must have access to the iShieldProtect® encrypted video player. No other encryption player will work, providing a highly secure and effective solution to protect your online course videos from download.

Trust iShieldProtect® to secure your valuable e-learning content and protect it from unauthorized access, downloading & e-learning piracy.

Digital Rights Management and Security Features

  • Future proof screen recordings result in blacking out of the screen while screenshots or screen recording prevent piracy.
  • The owner has the authority to control where the course module can be viewed or connected to: on a Projector or Monitor screen. It blocks out any third-party device to project the content.
  • Before the courses or training modules are uploaded to platforms like Akamai or AWS, iShieldProtect® encrypts them to ensure there are no chances of data/material leak.
  • To prevent recording from other devices, watermarks with information about the original owner are displayed on irregular recurring slots to mention about the original owner of the content.
  • To prevent data manipulation, such as changing system dates to tackle expiration and test modules, the intelligence systems detect such changes and take necessary actions.
  • When the course content is provided offline with the use of storage devices like PenDrives and SD Cards, the course can be disabled while working remotely.

With so much security in one service, iShieldProtect® is the best video course protection software in the education technology sector. It is cost-effective and has a straightforward onboarding process to avail of the service. It is available in different builts: iShieldProtect® Basic, Plus and Prime, depending upon the business’s size and requirements.


Encrypt your educational content with the help of iShieldProtect®. After you’re done with the encryption part, a master copy is generated with a license key. You can upload the content online or store it on offline devices.

Share the license key with your students after installing iShieldProtect® on their devices. Now they can stream the course accordingly, or in the case of PenDrive or other devices, the student can access the course.

The course is protected by iShieldProtect® and will expire on a predetermined date per the license key. If the student chooses to practice any unethical practice, the course may disable itself.

Enjoy! You have your course perfectly secured with us. If you want to add additional files or course content, you can quickly access it. You can even renew the license.

iShieldProtect® is the best video encryption software solution designed explicitly for Education Technology firms, startups, institutions, professionals and individuals to curb the disease of piracy which costs firms a large chunk of their revenue. SPV Technology Ventures provides an absolute all-in-one answer to police the unethical use of the intellectual property of academic institutions. It has experience in providing ed-tech companies with the best solutions. Therefore, iShieldProtect® is the ideal piece to equip your business with proper protection and unlimited support and results. The best part is that iShieldProtect is a unique protection software with all the features clubbed into one to provide the best service to ed-tech firms, professionals, institutions, and professionals. So what are you waiting for?

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