Everything You Need To know About Video Copy Protection Software!

What is video copy protection software?

Video copy protection is a process of protecting premium video content from unauthorized access. This process involves encrypting videos using encoding software & hardware so that no one can access the video without permission.

Why we need video copy protection software?

As we all know, the world is rapidly moving towards digital & every business is also moving online, or we can say the digital world. And with this ease, many complications are also coming, like hacking, stealing data and many more.

Let’s talk about our education industry; after the pandemic education industry shifted online. And when the educator provides his premium courses to students, what students do, they share with their friend circle in many ways. It all causes revenue loss for educators. So here, iShieldProtect® video copy protection software comes into the picture. They fully control this online piracy & increase your revenue.

Nowadays, students can be any part of the country or world, and sometimes they don’t have proper internet connectivity. Educators provide courses to them by Pendrive or through sd cards to access the course material. But again, what students do, is share the pen drive or sd card containing the course with their friends. And now, again, the loss of revenue happens for educators. This is how video copy protection software is required to protect premium courses.

Let’s understand how iShieldProtect® helps in online & offline video copy protection.

Online & Offline video copy protection – iShieldProtect®

Online video copy protection software – When it comes to sharing courses online with students, there is multiples way that content can be pirated or illegally accessed like screen recording, downloading through plugins or extensions, sharing ID & password with multiple students, using content many times, many other ways. 

Here  iShieldProtect® is a one-stop solution for all possible ways to stop this by offering features like – 

  • Prevent screen recording
  • Restrict multiple device login.
  • Restrict content downloads.
  • Dynamic watermark
  • Restrict several playbacks to avoid multiple uses of a single device.

Offline video copy protection software – When it comes to sharing content offline through pen drives & sd cards, students circulate this pen drive with a friend list, and this causes huge revenue loss. And educators can’t do anything about this. But here, iShieldProtect® protect this premium course from piracy with its robust video copy protection software by offering features like – 

  • The shared course can only be accessed on a single device.
  • Remote control of content validity.
  • Restrict HDMI or projector play.
  • Limited Playbacks.

iShieldProtect® uses advanced encryption standards with a 128-bit key, ensuring no one can access your data without your permission. And with ease, all platforms supported Android, IOS, MAC, & Windows. For the best video copy protection software, you can consider iShieldProtect®.

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