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End to End Video Encryption Software

iShieldProtect® is an end to end video encryption software designed to protect your videos from unauthorized access, theft, and cyber attacks.

With iShieldProtect®, you can securely share your videos without worrying about data breaches or unauthorized access.

What is End to End Video Encryption Software?

End to end video encryption is a process of securing your video or any form of content from unathorised access & piracy. In the process of end  to end encryption the raw content always remains to owner & encrypted content is distributed among the users.

Features of iShieldProtect® End to End Video Encryption

end to end video encryption

Built for e-Learning or Education Industry

This end to end encryption software completely build to help education industry and help to grow them.

Increase Your Revenue 

iShieldProtect® helps you to grow your revenue by preventing piracy, unathorised access and downloads of your content. 

Online Video Encryption

Screen record prevention

Screen Recorder Prevention​

OS based future proof security to black out the screen during recording/screenshot of videos from current and future screen recorder apps up to 95%.

Multiple devices log in​

Multiple devices log in will be restricted, the iShieldProtect® software works on specific parameters and fetches system settings. It then creates a unique key for identification.


Restrict Content Download​

No one can download your premium educational video content through any plugins or software's. We keep it safe.

Dynamic Watermark

Dynamic watermark comes on the screen to restrict plagiarism, keep your brand Consistency & asset Protection.

live streaming

Secure Live Streaming​

With Secure online streaming support built into our App, you can enjoy all the security of download & Play model while streaming the content online as well.

Offline Video Encryption


Pendrive Encryption

Through Pendrive encryption and SD card encryption content can’t be shared with anyone else.​

One Device​

Through Pendrive encryption and SD card encryption content can’t be shared with anyone else.​​​

content lifecycle

Content Lifecycle​

Remotely we can control data validity, which means how long content can be used.​

Restrict HDMI ​​

Remotely we can control data validity, which means how long content can be used.​

playback control

Playback Control​

Limits the numbers of times, a students can play/open contents of a course .

Advance Player Features

adaptive bit rate streaming

Adaptive Bit Rate Streaming

The internet remains the same, and this player adjusts to the connection's speed.

quality selector

Quality Selection

Choose the video quality that best suits your needs or your internet connection speed.

HD Player

Full HD Player

You can watch videos and other media on a high-definition video player.

advance player control

Advance Player Control

Play at different speed for revisions, fast forward, seek and other controls.

Video encryption software free trial

Get Started with 30 Days FREE TRIAL

Enjoy iShieldProtect® end to end video encryption software all features for free.

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How to Encrypt your Video with iShieldProtect®?

This process of protecting online & offline content from piracy can be complicated but with the help of iShieldProtect®, it is easier. Let me explain to you how:-

  1. Expert Insights and Demo:
    Connect with our experts over a Zoom call for a detailed product walkthrough and access to a demo account. Once all your questions are answered and you’re satisfied, you’re all set to begin.
  2. Purchase and Installation:
    Purchase the product to gain access to our end-to-end video encryption software. Download and install its components onto your system.
  3. Easy Encryption:
    Use the iShieldProtect® Encryptor on your local system to encrypt various types of content, such as video lectures, test papers, and ebooks.
  4. Secure Sharing with Students:
    Once encrypted, safely share the content with enrolled students through:
    a) Online methods (Cloud services like Google Drive)
    b) Offline methods (Using USB drives or SD cards)
    Remember, the original content stays on your system – only encrypted content is shared, ensuring complete end-to-end encryption.
  5. Providing the App:
    Share the encrypted content alongside an app – an executable (EXE) file for Windows, an APK file for Android, or an app downloaded from the Apple Store – with your students.
  6. Secure Playback with License Key:
    Students receive encrypted content and the player, but they can’t play it without a license key. You generate and provide this key, and it’s tied to a single system. The license key also includes content expiry details.
  7. Flexible Access for Students:
    Students enjoy access to the content both online and offline:
  • Online Access: Logging in with their email ID and using the license key, students stream the content online or opt to download videos from platforms like AWS.
  • Offline Access: With the encrypted content stored locally, the player prompts for the license key to play the content. The course remains accessible until the expiry date.
    In both cases, access to the course ceases after the expiry date, ensuring content protection.

Rest easy as you share your premium content online or offline, knowing that revenue leaks and piracy concerns are kept at bay, providing you with complete peace of mind.

How to get started with iShieldProtect®?

Promising Features of iShieldProtect® End to End Video Encryption Software

  • End-to-End Video Encryption: Keep your videos totally safe by locking them from start to finish.

  • Safe USB Sharing: Videos stay safe even when sharing via USB, thanks to secret coding.

  • Live Streaming: Seamlessly transmit video content in real-time while ensuring uncompromised security with our cutting-edge encryption technology.

  • White Labeled: Make the software your own with your logo and look.

  • Prevent Recording: Stop anyone secretly recording your videos for extra privacy.

  • Watermark: Put your personal mark on videos with special logos.

  • Player Control: Control who can watch, when, and how your videos play.

  • Restrict Access: Only the right people get to watch your videos, no one else.

  • Student Dashboard: Students get their own special place to watch and track progress.

  • Smart Video Quality (Adaptive Bit Rate): Videos adjust their own quality to work great on any internet speed.

  • Quality Selection: Grant users the autonomy to tailor their viewing experience with selectable video quality options.

  • VGA/HDMI Blocked: Foil unauthorized content sharing by effectively blocking direct video output via VGA/HDMI interfaces.

  • Remote Disabling: Stop anyone from watching your videos, even from far away.

  • Test Papers: Distribute secure test materials through our encrypted platform, preserving the integrity of assessment processes.

  • Practice Tests: Foster effective learning through secure practice tests, providing a safe environment for skill refinement.

  • Student Ranking: Evaluate and rank student performance accurately, enhancing educational outcomes.

  • Progress Report: Garner comprehensive insights into student progress through detailed performance reports, aiding informed decision-making.

  • Android Library: Seamlessly integrate our software into Android applications, expanding accessibility while maintaining security.

  • Online & Offline: Enable versatile learning experiences with the ability to access videos both online and offline, ensuring uninterrupted progress.

  • MCQs (Multiple Choice Questions): Engage learners with interactive quizzes, bolstering comprehension within a secure environment.

  • Full HD Player: Immerse learners in high-definition content, optimizing the educational journey with top-tier video quality.

  • Content Lifecycle: Effortlessly manage content from creation to disposal, ensuring a streamlined and secure content lifecycle.

  • Play & App Store: Facilitate content distribution through popular app stores, ensuring convenient and secure access.

  • Content Type: Accommodate diverse learning materials with support for various content formats, catering to different educational needs.

How iShieldProtect® works?

iShieldProtect® uses end-to-end encryption to protect your video files. When you upload a video file to iShieldProtect®, it is immediately encrypted using advanced encryption algorithms. The encryption process converts the video file into a format that is unreadable by anyone who does not have the encryption keys. The encrypted video file is then stored in the cloud, where it can be accessed and retrieved by authorized users only.


When a user wants to access an encrypted video file, they must provide the encryption keys. The decryption process then converts the encrypted video file back into its original format, making it viewable by the authorized user only.

iShieldProtect® is a reliable and secure end-to-end video encryption software that provides complete protection for your video files. With advanced encryption algorithms, access control features, and key management tools, you can be assured that your videos are secure and accessible only by authorized users. 

iShieldProtect® offers various subscription plans, affordable pricing, and excellent customer support to cater to all your needs. Protect your videos and secure your digital world with iShieldProtect®.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Ensure complete video security with encryption from source to destination. This software offers end to end video encryption means raw data always remains to your desktop only.

End-to-end video encryption software usually employs algorithms to change video files into a scrambled format that can’t be understood unless you have the right decryption key. This encryption method turns the video into a secret code, which is then changed back to its normal form using the decryption key, but only by people who are allowed to see it.

Video encryption software is crucial for safeguarding important videos like business secrets, personal info, or creative work. It stops unauthorized people from getting, watching, or sharing the videos, so only the right folks with the special key can see them.

Indeed, iShieldProtect® offers advanced solutions for businesses operating online. This company shields online streams by encrypting videos, preventing theft.

Our outstanding services ensure the complete security of your educational or entertaining videos. This means that even if someone tries to steal them, the videos stay safe because we always turn them into secret codes. Keeping all businesses safe is crucial so they can be valuable to you.

To avoid its media material from being stolen, an online education firm may utilize a password. Online video encryption software is beneficial to them since it boosts their company. Keeping the video streaming secure and intact is beneficial to them.

Some benefits of using video encryption software include:


Enhanced security: Video encryption software provides an additional layer of security by encrypting video files, making them unreadable to unauthorized users.

Confidentiality: Video encryption software ensures that only authorised users with the right decryption key can access the video content, protecting it from unauthorised viewing or sharing.

Compliance: Video encryption software can help organizations comply with data protection regulations and industry standards by securing sensitive video content.

Control: Video encryption software gives you control over who can access your video content, allowing you to manage permissions and restrict access as needed.

Video encryption software can typically encrypt MP4 types of video files and all other popular formats such as MP4, AVI, MOV, and MKV can be converted to MP4 for encryption.

Yes, this video encryption software is designed to be user-friendly, with intuitive interfaces and simple encryption and decryption processes.

Yes, this video encryption software is designed to be user-friendly, with intuitive interfaces and simple encryption and decryption processes.

Yes, encrypted video files can be shared or transmitted, but the recipient will need the correct decryption key to access and view the content. It’s important to securely share the decryption key only with authorized users to maintain the confidentiality of the video content.

Yes, iShieldProtect®, video encryption software offer features for online streaming or cloud storage, allowing you to encrypt video files and securely store them in the cloud or stream them online. 

Yes, video encryption software can typically be used on multiple devices, such as computers, smartphones, and tablets, depending on the software’s compatibility and licensing terms. It’s important to review the software’s documentation or contact the vendor to confirm device compatibility.

When choosing video encryption software, consider factors such as the encryption algorithm used, key management features, ease of use, compatibility with video format, updates & support, legal compliance and pricing.

Installing Video Copy Protection is a straightforward process. You can download the latest version of Video encryption software from our email that you will get after making payment or can also try it free for a month. You will get proper guidance from our security expert.

You need to install video encryption software to encrypt videos and other content and an encrypted video player to decrypt the video and content.

Yes, you have the option to purchase the video encryption software without a trial.

Please discuss your requirements with iShieldProtect representative and it might be included in future release or it can also be custom build to suit your needs. 

The encryption feature is wanted by every business participating in the video streaming facility. They can secure their data against any type of online theft by using Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) to reach this milestone.

Using the Trial version you can distribute courses with a validity of one month only while the full version provides you to choose course validity based on your need. Also, the trial version allows to distribute max to 10 students.

Any video is securely stored digitally and any kind of unwelcome interception of your key video material is prevented. This process relies heavily on encryption software and hardware to keep your data safe.

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