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DRM Player for Android, Windows & iOS | Encrypted Video Player

iSheildProtect® offers an encrypted video player for Android, Windows & iOS, where your content is safe & secure, and no one can steal, neither online nor offline.

Secure Streaming/Download/Offline

Stream videos securely from your website along with download option and also distribution of content via Pen drive, SD Card, Google drive using app with complete protection on laptop and phones

Test Paper/Assessment Engine

Advance test paper engine with admin module along with facility for students to create their own practice tests to practice tests on what they studies that day

Scalable VOD with Adaptive Bit Rate

Inbuilt transcoders to convert videos into multiple bit rates and players with adaptive bit rate to stream seamlessly even at very low bandwidth

Works with and without Internet

Students having low Internet bandwidth can download or use Pen drive and can also check their ranking and recommendation if they connect to Internet

Secure Live Streaming

Run live classes securely using you tube to clear doubts or other sessions as per you need with complete security within our App with no additional setup cost

Low Operational Cost

Just encrypt/DRM the course once and distribute it online or offline to anyone worry free.. Student can use same package on Windows, Android, MAC or iOS….

Android Library

Have an existing app which is already distributed to many users, now integrate our secure library to make playbacks with adaptive bit rate streaming with complete security

Single Solution for all your needs

No more maintaining multiple tools for Tests, VOD Website, Video Encryption, Android App, Pen drive, Live streaming etc… A single solution for all of them

Customizable & White Labeled

Apps branded in your name for Windows, Android, MAC and iOS customized to suit your needs. Customized to interact with your current website

Integration with your Website

Already running a VOD website, which is not secured. Now integrate your existing website with our solution and instantly secure your entire content

Incremental Course Upgrade

Upgraded the course in middle of session or probably need to add additional files, deliver just the updated files via google drive to students for offline access.