DRM Video Encryption Software | DRM Player

iShieldProtect® offers 128-bit DRM video encryption software with DRM Player which protects your videos and content from unauthorized access.

Future Proof Screen Recorder Prevention

Future proof security to black out the screen during recording or screenshotting of videos and pdfs from current and future screen recorder apps.

Control HDMI/VGA Projection

Control where content can be viewed in terms of connecting to Projector, Large size TV or multiple monitors and their screen sizes.

Unparalleled Content Security

Set start as well as expiry date of course, maximum attempts for test papers and expiry date for test papers which can be earlier than Course expiry.

End to End Security

Even before uploading to Cloud Storage like Akamai/AWS files are completely encrypted so there are no chances of leakage of content

Dissuading from Camera recording

Dynamic watermarks are displayed at different parts of video at random intervals with different information like Name, User ID, IP Address to dissuade students from camera capture.

Full Control on Content Lifecycle

Set start and expiry date of content, maximum number of attempts for test paper, separate expiry date for test paper
Full Proof Expiration date lock

Full Proof Expiration date lock

In case student tried to change the system date , intelligence built into system detects it and takes appropriate action to ensure content protection

Secure all of your digital content

Encrypt and secure Video, eBooks, PDF Audio, Test Paper, Flash files with same level of security irrespective of being it distributed online or offline
Limit Playbacks

Limit Playbacks

Sometimes students might share their system with others. To prevent its misuse you can limit the numbers of times, a students can play/open contents of a course.

Temper proof license Based Security

License key will work only on a single machine identified on basis of multiple parameters to ensure its uniqueness so that same license can never ever be used on 2 machines installed using cloning software.

Remote Disabling of Course

A student using course in offline model (Pen drive/SD card) doing something unethical, no worry….you can disable the course remotely

Secured Online streaming

With Secure online streaming support built into our App, you can enjoy all the security of download & Play model while streaming the content online as well.

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