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Encrypted Video Player

Encrypted Video Player for Teachers

Video security is the most important factor for businesses, and that is why encrypted video player is in high in demand. Video security is listed as the main influencing factor in buying decisions by over 83% of businesses. Therefore, to…
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Secure Video Streaming

Are you looking Solution for secure video streaming? We are here to Help You!

Online videos are considered to be the most popular medium of transmitting knowledge and information from one person to the entire world. It is widely used by educational institutions, government agencies, and other professional organisations. As the online industry is…
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Video Encryption Software

Video Encryption Software for Teachers

A method for digitally obscuring private video footage to prevent unauthorized access and dissemination is video encryption. To protect the content, the method entails encrypting videos using encoding software and hardware. The video encryption method generates some digital keys that…
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video copy protection software

How education institute can do video copy protection?

With the aid of instructional films, educational video is a virtual medium that aids people or students in better comprehending ideas. These movies are referred to as instructive movies. These movies provide a more exciting and engaging method of learning,…
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Video Encryption online education

Are you Ready to Take Over the World with Online Education?

The year 2020 was not only significant for COVID 19 however, it is the year that marked a huge surge in online education. Education sector saw a record breaking plethora of online educational activities. From school to doctoral students and…
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Video Encryption for education industry

Video encryption software & its importance in education industry

Your content can be protected from illegal access with video encryption. For instance, you want people to view a music video if you submit it to the Internet. However, if your video is a paid advertisement or other paid program,…
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