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Twitch, Facebook Live, YouTube Live, Instagram, etc. How do you choose a location to demonstrate your live streaming skills? Read our ranking of the top secure live streaming services for 2022 to learn more.

Looking for the best live streaming service to grow your audience and market your brand? A list of the top 12 live video streaming services has been put together by our team. Although some have paid premium plans, they are all free to use.

What is a live streaming platform?

A website, program, or piece of software known as a live streaming platform enables you to broadcast live secure videos. Viewers can watch videos that you submit on the platform in real-time.

What distinguishes a quality live streaming service? The service should at the very least include capabilities for managing content and hosting videos. Additionally, it ought to offer fundamental embedding tools, analytics, and monetization.

Every platform on our list is either a component of a social media platform or has a social component. Other users can do this to follow you or subscribe to your channel, which will enable them to receive notifications when you go live.


It can be challenging to pick just one amazing secure streaming platform today because there are so many excellent ones accessible. But if you weren’t constrained to a single platform? Restream allows you to multistream to more than 30 social media channels at once. How come multistream? You may increase your audience by letting people see you on the platforms they prefer.

It’s free and simple to use Restream. A Restream account is all that is required to get going. Your broadcast will post concurrently to each site if you add channels like Facebook, Twitch, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, and Mixcloud.

Now we are going to discuss some free secure live streaming websites. These are:


Due to its massive user base of two billion users every month, YouTube is the most popular live streaming service on our list. One of the most accessible live streaming services is YouTube, which has a large user base from all over the world and across all age categories. According to YouTube, channels with a weekly live stream also have up to 40% more subscribers.


Facebook is a social media giant, comparable to YouTube, with 2.7 billion monthly active users worldwide. Similar to YouTube, Facebook has a wide appeal among different age groups, with millennials constituting the majority of users.


The professional networking website LinkedIn has evolved into a full-fledged content creation platform. You may access content from brands, influencers, and other experts in your field in the form of articles, videos, and live videos. LinkedIn is used for organic social marketing by 93% of B2B content marketers. In addition, the typical LinkedIn user has twice the purchasing power of the typical internet user.


Periscope, Twitter’s previous live-streaming platform, was shut down in March 2021. Users can share live video directly from their Twitter profiles, and live streaming is still an option on the social media platform. Even though Twitter’s user base is smaller than that of Facebook or YouTube, live streamers can still reach its 217 million daily active users.


Without mentioning Twitch, you can’t talk about live streaming services. The live streaming service first catered to gamers, but in 2020 it rapidly extended to other demographics. 

On Twitch, you can store old broadcasts for replay and post live videos. Of all the main live streaming services, Twitch features the most sophisticated chat feature. Live streamers can design unique emotes for their chats, use bots to control audience interaction, and get gifts or subscriptions. On Twitch, you may earn money through selling subscriptions, badges, gifting subscriptions, emotes, donations, and adverts.

TikTok Live

TikTok is a fantastic chance for live streamers because it’s a social media platform designed for viral videos. Although TikTok is dominated by short video clips, live video makers can still find an audience. A presence on TikTok LIVE can be quite advantageous if your material is geared toward Gen Zers.

Going live on TikTok can increase your presence there if you have followers there. Going live for 30 minutes can make your profile stand out since most videos are under one minute long. Since live videos are not recorded, your content may look more exclusive.

Instagram Live

Instagram is becoming used for more than just sharing photographs with pals. On the site, you can also get on-demand and live videos from your favourite companies and influencers. In actuality, 13% of all social media users who watch live streams use Instagram.


You wouldn’t think Clubhouse, a live audio-only platform, would be an ideal place for live streamers to set up shop. However, it is the ideal setting for streamers to interact directly with their audience. Due to the fact that you just need to concentrate about the audio, Clubhouse might be a less frightening way to get used to live broadcasting for those just starting out. From two million members in January 2021 to ten million users just four months later, the platform’s popularity has soared.


A platform for live streaming music is called Mixcloud. The most prevalent categories of material on Mixcloud include live music, radio programmes, DJ mixes, and podcasts. Mixcloud boasts 20 million monthly listeners despite having a small proportion of the users of YouTube, Facebook, or Instagram.

YouTube Gaming

YouTube once provided a different gaming platform to compete with Twitch. However, as the majority of producers already posted gaming video to regular YouTube, YouTube Gaming was absorbed into YouTube and is now just another category. Users viewed 1.31 billion hours of gaming material on YouTube Gaming in Q3 2021 alone, despite the fact that it is “only a category.”

Facebook Gaming

Facebook’s securely live streaming service offers a section specifically for gaming, similar to YouTube. Additionally, one of the most popular live broadcast categories on Facebook is gaming, much like it is on YouTube. If you’re new to live streaming and don’t want to compete on Twitch, you might choose to start on Facebook Gaming.

Final Words

It’s not easy to select a live streaming platform. There are numerous things for new streamers to think about. One platform isn’t superior to another because they all have unique features, target markets, and technical requirements. When it comes to securely live streaming, what works for one individual or business might not be the ideal option for another. 

The video streaming platform must be very reliable and meets your requirements. And in this case, iShieldProtect® can help you. You can contact them and get things done easily. Always consider your particular requirements, and keep in mind that multi-streaming is an option if you’re having difficulties deciding!

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