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The year 2020 was not only significant for COVID 19 however, it is the year that marked a huge surge in online education. Education sector saw a record breaking plethora of online educational activities. From school to doctoral students and even the lifelong learners are increasingly searching for online tools which could help them in acquiring new skills. The major challenge is for the online education providers here as they have to fulfil the demand of each and every one who desires online education.

The major concern for any online activity is the data theft that takes place. After pandemic people are strongly dependent on the internet for everything from getting education to working online. Therefore, protecting your data becomes inevitable. Now there are loads of apps and software’s claiming to protect and safeguard your data. Whom you should be believing? As there me threats involved in these softwares too. You may be trapped by a hacker as they are in search of vulnerable people who are in genuine need. However, we have a solution for all your problems.

Blessing in Disguise for your data security: iShieldProtect®

iShieldProtect® is a video copy protection software. All the educational material which is either online or offline can be fully encrypted with the help of iShieldProtect®. It provides you services like test paper encryption, video encryption, SD card encryption, video copy protection, pen drive encryption and you will be able to encrypt the live streamed classes as well.

Main Features of iShieldProtect®

It is a user friendly software specifically designed to cater all your data protection needs. iShieldProtect® provides advanced bulletproof security. This will surely prove to be a single solution for all your data protection needs. iShieldProtect® has a great role to play in protecting the data for education sector. It not only helps in protecting online, offline data but it helps you to encrypt the live streaming content as well.

Why you should trust iShieldProtect® for your education data protection need?

If you are the one who is looking for a better service at low cost, then you should put all your faith on iShieldProtect®. It will help you in achieving effortless growth in your business. We have skilled professionals who are experienced in their field. The debugging and maintenance of the errors is taken care of by SPV tech team. The tasks are accomplished through easy to understand and elementary backend processes.

This software ensures that it is simple yet promises you efficient flow. Your content will be encrypted by encrypting the course to generate master copy once and then it will generate licence key. There is complete assurance of course security on all the devices as it will expire as per the licence key allotted. Easy renewal option makes it more convenient. You can anytime upgrade the course or even renew it easily at any given point in time. Students will be able to access it without any trouble. They just have to install the iShieldProtect® software on their devices and can start using them by entering license key.

Customer satisfaction is the prime responsibility of any company therefore, at iShieldProtect® we aim at customer satisfaction. SPV tech team makes sure that they meet all the parameters required to keep the customers need fulfilled. They try to make new and suggestive changes to the app which can further enhance the functioning of the model. This will definitely enhance the experience of the user as well. Customers are in need of user-friendly apps iShieldProtect® is one of these apps. The primary audience are online educational business and students who are looking out for privacy and protection therefore we aim at providing them with the best. We at iShieldProtect® aim at adjusting the quality automatically based on the internet brandwidth. We help in selection of video quality. No matter if the data connection is 3G we provide full HD player streams seamlessly.

We proudly announce ourselves to be multipurpose and adaptable as we support every platform. Our iShieldProtect® software aims to provide all sorts of online data safety and content security solutions. IshieldProtect app amazingly supports all the operating systems like macOS, iOS, Android and many others. You are free to use it on any given device as well like android phones, ipads, windows, etc.

Don’t Think Twice Just go for iShieldProtect®!

iShieldProtect® is one blessing in disguise for all the people associated with educational business sector. Video copy protection and educational content safety and security online, offline or live streaming is what iShieldProtect® caters to. In this world full of threats iShieldProtect® can prove to be a saviour for you.
iShieldProtect® will give you the best data protection services with 100% satisfaction. Don’t think twice just go for it!

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