Who We Are !

We are a trendsetting technology company focused on solutions for the coaching sector to disseminate their information both online and offline with complete encryption of educational material, including video copy protection, test paper encryption, sd card encryption, pen drive encryption (pen drive classes), and live streaming encryption. Founded by two Industry veterans to bring a diverse experience of 50+ years working with a mix of technology and start-up incubation.

One of the founders brings deep expertise in starting new ventures and running businesses spanning millions and another founder brings in-depth knowledge of enriched technology expertise from large product companies.

We stand out today from other market players as it focuses on providing one roof solution and a strong focus on Content Security. We are rapidly expanding to serve our customers not just in India but also in Africa and a few other countries across Education.


Empowering the next generation of Online Tutoring Businesses.


Democratize access to top-notch tools for online education.

Meet the Founders

Leadership Team at SPV Tech is mix of Visionaries, Serial entrepreneurs, and Technologists who have successfully worked and led many companies across the globe. Together combined they bring experience of more than 50 years in building and running business across Electronics, Software, Hardware industries across the globe including India, Middle East, Europe and USA.

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